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Satish R. Chintakunta, MSEM
Research Engineer

Satish Reddy Chintakunta has 5 years of experience in the areas of nondestructive evaluation of pavements and infrastructure, and pavement performance and modeling. Satish has contributed significantly in developing new ground penetrating radar (GPR) techniques that allow subsurface data and images and to be interpreted accurately by engineers, including a novel continuous/rapid GPR calibration method for pavement applications. He received the Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship for the years 2006-2007 from FHWA and successfully completed 3 research projects which resulted in technical reports and a master’s thesis. He developed micromechanical models for thermal properties of flexible and rigid pavements using X-ray tomography techniques and finite element models.

Selected Starodub projects:

FHWA Office of Pavement Technology Interstate Highway evaluation study: Twenty mile project level evaluation of an Interstate highway exhibiting premature deterioration phenomena. In Phase I and Phase II, pavement deterioration phenomena were detected and evaluated using a novel combination of ground penetrating radar, infrared imaging, and survey accurate position referencing and automated data evaluation algorithms.

VOLPE-SBIR Phase I and II: Part of a team for an ongoing FHWA SBIR project developing in-situ detection and evaluation capabilities for application to in roadway sensors including the development of a novel rapid/continuous calibration technique, and implementing an advanced super-resolution method for the a Step-Frequency Ground Penetrating Rada.r

Previous experience:

Micromechanical modeling of thermal properties of pavement materials. FHWA-TFHRC Eisenhower Fellowship Program –(2006-2007)

Impact of curling, warping, and other early age-behaviors on Portland cement concrete pavement smoothness: Early, frequent, and detailed (EFD) study. Sponsored by FHWA (Project 16) - (2005), Worked for Center for Transportation Research and Education at Iowa State University.

Nanotechnology in concrete materials. Sponsored by FHWA-TFHRC Eisenhower Fellowship Program – (2006-2007)